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Graphic Design Degrees

BA Design Studies (Liberal Arts Degree)

BFA Graphic Design (Professional Degree)

Note: the Graphic Design Program admits every student as a BA Design Studies Major. Upon completion of DsGD 100, students are eligible to apply for pre-admission to BFA Graphic Design Program. Final admission to the BFA Graphic Design program is by portfolio review only. Students who do not pass the review will remain in the BA-Design Studies Program with a specialization in Graphic Design.


Major Advisors

Chang Sik Kim

Randall Sexton

Connie Hwang

Yoon Chung Han

Dana Ragouzeos


Andrea English

Earl Gee

Philip Krayna

Gregory Hom

Jean-Benoit Levy

Julio Martinez

Joe Miller

Taehwan Lee

Jeong Kim

BFA Classes

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