Class of 2014

26 Uniquely Different Designers

They are 26 individuals unafraid to embrace our status as emerging designers. With respect and passion for the power of design, they are determined to share our perspectives and make our voices heard.

Social Media

Facebook: freshmeat2014

Instagram: freshmeat2014

Twitter: sjsufreshmeat14

Meet the Class

Araceli Arias

Brandon Boswell

Jordan Brady

Glenn Cardenas

Hoyin Chan

Kayla Clarot

Maya Ealey

Maria Esquivias

Cindy Fu

Stefanie Galvan

Enrique Garcia

Donghoh Han

Jono Heath

Lindsay Iversen

Kristina Le

Sylvia Leung

Sanglee Nguyen

Alessia Paolini Harahap

Rachel Poage

Sean Paul Richards

Israel Rivera

Kendra Sevilla

Kelsey Sutherland

Esther Tseng

Wobin Wu

Marya Yama

Fresh Meat

Class of 2014 Senior Show