Class of 2016

20 Uniquely Different Designers

Each one of us all have different approaches, different styles, and different ways of thinking. Yet, together we unite as a team of strong-willed and ambitious problem-solvers in design. 20 different students, yet we encompass together as one.

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Instagram: 2016isonit

Meet the Class

Ana Cintora

Naomi Yung

Daryl Domingo

Ava Cunningham

Brianna Depue

Brad Fox

Stephanie Dang

Terrence Wong

Yueshan Zhang

Veronica Bliman

Anthony Quiatchon

Lok Ki Chan

Cindy Duong

Morgan Mcllain

Dennis Lam

Deanna Low

Tiffany Wang

Tiffany Hsiang

Elizabeth Corona Acle

Kurt Pham

We’re On It

Class of 2016 Senior Show

Through design, we can control many things: space, form, color, even light. But one thing remains an elusive element outside our control. Time. It is the ultimate constraint. We can work with time, against time, around time, we can even run out of time. It’s our most precious commodity, and over the past two years, we have spent our time learning about design—trying, making, thinking, failing, trying again, and succeeding.”