Class of 2018

20 Uniquely Different Designers

Each one of us all have different approaches, different styles, and different ways of thinking. Yet, together we unite as a team of strong-willed and ambitious problem-solvers in design. 20 different students, yet we encompass together as one.

Social Media

Instagram: unveil2018

Meet the Class

Leah Banks

Sara Campos

My Chu

Orizema Cruz

Timothy Duong

Lana Goder

Milca Gaytan

Nancy Hu

Sandhya Keshavabhotla

Marina Menéndez-Pidal

Tim Neece

Linh Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen

Ana Ruiz

Max Schneider

Sunha Shin

Ariel Soon

Lena Yen

Minjoo Yun


Class of 2018 Senior Show