Class of 2019

23 Uniquely Different Designers

Each one of us all have different approaches, different styles, and different ways of thinking. Yet, together we unite as a team of strong-willed and ambitious problem-solvers in design. 23 different students, yet we encompass together as one.

Social Media

Instagram: re_____2019

Meet the Class

Jacqy Alqueza

Jen Braun

Amanda Cash

Monica Cunich

Sonam Dhanjal

Michelle Hamilton

Ryan Huynh

Nichelle Jarrell

Elbra Kharadaileh

Sarah Khosla

Rachel Lagula

Arom Lee

Jennifer Lopez

Yanni Ma

Melissa Oliveros

Christine Park

Lauren Rosenberg

Tara Short

Emma Spitzer

Robert Suarez

Janet Uehara

Tina Yang

Ziyue Zhang


Class of 2019 Senior Show