Class of 2021

20 Uniquely Different Designers

Each one of us all have different approaches, different styles, and different ways of thinking. Yet, together we unite as a team of strong-willed and ambitious problem-solvers in design. 20 different students, yet we encompass together as one.

Social Media

Class Instagram: sjsubfa2021


Meet the Class

Kristen Adams

Janet Altamiro

Kurt Bettencourt

Marc Casupanan

Brittney Chavez

Christy Cheung

Mikayla Chin

Uyen Dang

Maralkhishig Enkhtuvshin

Jaime Hernández

Yoonhee Hong

Amanda Le

Gabbi Maneja

Emily Orrach

Phuong Pham

Nicholas Randle

Sydney Spruiell

Stephanie Valencia

Jaerica Vitug

Michelle Wong


Class of 2021 Senior Show

Even though the world stage-bound us physically, we have constantly been breaking out of the frame in the last two years with the strength of our creativity and the support of one another. Our designs are as diverse as we are individuals. Our potential is as boundless as our imagination. Here are some student works reflecting who they are and what they believe in.”

Virtual Exhibition