Class of 2023

One graduating class, 16 unique designers.

Challenged with a diverse set of projects that pushed us beyond our comfort zones, we have showcased our talents and perseverance as designers throughout the BFA Graphic Design program. With the consistent support and encouragement from one another, we gained the strength to believe in ourselves and confidence to keep pushing forward. Throughout the past two years we’ve gathered a portfolio of our best design works. Individually, each student’s projects are a reflection of their unique design thinking and a demonstration of a variety of the skills we've learned.

Social Media & Website

Class Instagram: sjsubfa2023


Meet the Class

Renee Edelman

Sasina Eunirankul

Ying Gao

Grace Kusuma

Richa Marathe

Eilaria Maryousef

Aram Mortazavi

Thy Nguyen

Paula Piva

Ranelle Santiago

Maivi Tran

Sabrina Tran

Jazmine Walker

Nicole Wei

Kaelyn Wraase

Polina Zadbrodska


Class of 2023 Senior Show

Modulate is about variety, change, mixture, harmony, and balance. A class of sixteen women with different backgrounds and walks of life come together as one strong team. We find harmony in the combination of our individual ideas and perspectives. Unexpected outcomes and moments of inspiration stem from the variety of skills and talents we offer. We are one and not the same.”