Our Design Department believes that design is more than just aesthetics; it’s also the ability to apply what they learn in the classroom in order to better their communities, not only as designers, but as global citizens. Our Graphic Design students are given opportunities to engage with other departments within SJSU, as well as many programs in other universities and institutions, by applying their design skills to help with projects and presentations. Listed below are some of the partnerships our Graphic Design students were able to take part in as designers to meaningful community improvement.



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Website Design Research Projects

SJSU School of Library & Information Science:, San José, CA | 2012
SJSU University website revitalization:, San José, CA | 2011
SJSU School of Journalism & Mass Communications, San José, CA | 2010
SJSU School of Art & Design, San José, CA | 2010

User Interface & Interaction Design
Research Projects

SJSU Web Portal UI & Icon System Design, San José, CA | 2018
Medical Application Design for UCLA's Emergency Room Residents, Los Angeles, CA | 2014
Doosung Paper Research & Design, Seoul, Korea | 2011
Liveshare Web Interface Research & Design: Cooliris Inc. Palo Alto, CA | 2011
Liveshare Mobile Interface Research & Design: Cooliris Inc. Palo Alto, CA | 2010
Samsung Mobile User Interface Research & Design: SDA, Los Angeles, CA | 2010

Branding & Editorial Design Research Projects

SJSU Design Department Book, San José, CA | 2021
Piktopus Animation Studio Brand Design, Pleasanton, CA | 2018
Hammer Theater Wayfinding Design, San José, CA | 2016
Zazzle Inc. Online Store Merchandise Design, Redwood City, CA | 2015
SJSU “We Are Spartans” Logo and Marketing Design, San José, CA | 2012
SJSU “Washington Square Magazine” Design, San José, CA | 2012

Information Design Research Projects

Hammer Theater Wayfinding Design, San José, CA | 2016
SJSU Campus Wayfinding Design, San José, CA | 2016



The Graphic Design program fosters an appreciation for human diversity and its critical role in defining and maintaining educational excellence. To enhance the learning opportunities, we provide a number of unique exchange and study abroad experiences for students during the summer sessions. Since 2007, selected Graphic Design students have been studying in a three-week series of workshops in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Germany, among many more.

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Students in our Graphic Design program at SJSU are offered many opportunities to gain professional and creative experiences. Students can participate in to develop and apply their skills.

Visiting Scholars
and Designers

The Graphic Design Program is proud to bring a diverse set lectures and workshops to our students, community, and visitors each year. These renowned industry leaders bring their insights and expertise and share them with us. Speakers include: Matthew Carter, Tom Crabtree, Hugh Dubberly, April Greiman, Kit Hinrichs, Jessica Hische, Boris Kochan, Eric Rodenbeck, Lucile Tanaza, Rudy Vanderlans and Zuzana Licko, Martin Venezky, and more.

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NEO Graphic
Design Club

NEO was an organization created by students in the BFA Graphic Design program. The organization’s mission is to promote creative growth and awareness of graphic design as a culture and a community. Some of the group's activities include the Annual Student Design Gallery and the Annual Portfolio Review.

Visit NEO Graphic Design Facebook group and Instagram page for more information.


Student Group

AIGA Student Group’s main goal is to get students acclimated in the professional landscape of design. Students will build their leadership skills and have the opportunity to work with the local design community. They will gain experience that helps expand their skills, making them invaluable members of society as they move into the professional world.


Many of our graduates leave our program and go on to work on amazing projects. Below are some of our most recent alumni’s testimonials on their experiences with us and where they’re at now.

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Notable companies and studios
our graduates go on to work at: